Paulo Ceasar Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: Do you have any t-shirts or merchandise?
Giant Silva: No, I'm still learning. I'm still slow.
Pride: What car do you drive?
Silva: I have a Corolla. (laughing)
Pride: What do you do for conditioning?
Silva: Running hills, treadmills, etc. The most important thing for me is to change my food. Cutting out dairy stuff.
Pride: What do you do when you are not training?
Silva: Stay home, watch TV, go to church on Sunday. I'm a cool guy.
Pride: What have you focused on in training this time?
Silva: I'm training to fight with Ogawa. I haven't thought about any special techniques but I know Ogawa is a very experience and very good judo player so I trained a couple of things that he may use. I'm a brand new fighter so everything is new for me and every fighter is different. If I fight Heath Herring, it's not new but every time I fight a different fight, it's a new life.
Pride: Are you going to use your kicks?
Silva: Yeah, my kicks are good. My coach told me I should kick on Tuesday and maybe it will get there by Sunday because my kick is so slow. (laughing)
Pride: What about front kicks?
Silva: It's difficult for me to fight smaller guys because I'm very slow. These guys that are smaller than me punch fast and kick fast. 7'2??Eis a very slow body.
Pride: Yeah, but you only have to connect one time. Heath said you had a lot of power and it hurt when you slammed him.
Pride: What music do you listen to?
Silva: I like all music, nice music. I don't like metal or crazy stuff.
Pride: What about when you are training?
Silva: No. I don't use music when I train. I go to the gym very early when there are no people. Only me. I concentrate on my fight.
Pride: Where do you want to go in MMA? Do you want to continue?
Silva: Yeah, I think so. I'm working hard but I have to keep on working and see how much I can grow up in this business. Pro-wrestling is very hard. You fight a lot and don't have much time to train. Now, I'm fighting maybe every 2 months. That's like a job. Everyday in the morning, you go to the gym and train at something in the night.
Pride: Are you still pro-wrestling?
Silva: No, I have a big responsibility to this. I only do one job at a time. If you do fighting and wrestling, you can't concentrate.
Pride: I think this will benefit you so much if you go back to pro-wrestling.