Semmy Schilt

Pride Fighting Championships: Is your grand game still to stand up as fast as you can?
Semmy Schilt: Yep. It doesn't change. This is the road to the Championship. I have to win and move on.
Pride: What do you think is your biggest strength against Kharitonov?
Schilt: My size, my power, my punches, my knees, everything.
Pride: What do you think you have to worry most about?
Schilt: I don't know. I watched a couple of tapes but I didn't see anything.
Pride: Have you changed your training?
Schilt: More ground training because I had more time to train this time.
Pride: Do you use any training music?
Schilt: I don't need music to get me going.
Pride: What is the best movie that you've seen lately?
Schilt: I hate that question. I saw a movie on the airplane but I don't remember.
Pride: You've changed your hair. Is that permanent or just for this fight?
Schilt: Just for this fight.
Pride: Did you see The Last Samurai?
Schilt: I saw it. It was boring. Kill Bill was nice.
Pride: How would you prefer to win?
Schilt: I go for a KO, a clean victory.