Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Pride Fighting Championships: How's your shape?
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Good, good
Pride: Better than last time?
Nogueira: Yeah. I had a cold about 10 days ago but now it's better. I could be better, though.
Pride: Is there anything new in your life?
Nogueira: Pretty much the same.
Pride: Same training program?
Nogueira: Yeah but we brought in some professional boxers to stay at my place. I'm doing a lot of boxing. We're always trying to improve.
Pride: The last time you fought became a famous match.
Nogueira: Yeah, that fight was amazing to me. It was a great fight. We were standing up. We had throws, good ground. He had good escapes. I was trying to submit him. It was a really good fight. I think that now, after 3 years, we've become more technical. We have more experience. Maybe it will be a little less aggressive and a lot more technical.
Pride: This could be another super fight. Heath wasn't himself for a little while after the Mirko fight but now he's back on track.
Nogueira: It's going to be better than the last fight.
Pride: A lot of the fans in the US are really looking forward to this fight.
Nogueira: It will be exciting. Both of us won't stall the fight. We will both try to finish all the time. I'm not worried about holding him.
Pride: Yeah, that's why people love it. Always moving.
Nogueira: Yeah, he's the same as me. Maybe we can train together some day??after the fight. We talked a lot after that fight but now we are going to face each other again.
Pride: What is your biggest advantage over Heath?
Nogueira: My ground.
Pride: And what's his biggest advantage over you?
Nogueira: He's got good kicks. He improved his kicks. He's moving well now. His distance has gotten better. That's why I trained a lot of boxing.
Pride: Did you train a lot of knees?
Nogueira: Yes.
Nogueira: Did you know that Takada was in Brazil last month?
Pride: Yeah, I heard. Someone from your school was fighting?
Nogueira: Yes, at Mecca. They went to watch soccer in Brazil but someone stole on the Japanese guy's wallet. I don't know how it is in other countries but you can't put your wallet in your backpack in Brazil. Someone stole my brother's wallet in Japan. He had about $4,000 in it from selling t-shirts. He was so happy that he had sold so much.
Pride: How's your house going? Did you paint it, like Karate Kid?
Nogueira: (laughing) No. It's still the same. It's not done.
Pride: You're building a dojo in your house?
Nogueira: I have an official size ring in my house. I have to drive like an hour in Brazil to train so now I can train every day.
Pride: What's your plan for the fight?
Nogueira: I think both of us will try to stand up in the beginning but I will give him whatever he wants. I'm pretty confident.
Pride: What's the best movie you've seen lately?
Nogueira: The Last Samurai.
Pride: Good answer. I'm going to see City of Ghosts. I heard it was a really good Brazilian movie.
Nogueira: Yeah. City of Ghosts is better than The Last Samurai.