Sergei Kharitonov

Pride Fighting Championships: With whom have you been training?
Sergei Kharitonov: I trained with someone that's taller than Semmy.
Pride: Russian fighter?
Kharitonov: Yes, he's Russian. His name's Ivan.
Pride: Ivan Dragoff?
Kharitonov: Yeah. He lives in the countryside, on a mountain. (laughing)
Pride: You always seem very relaxed and prepared. What have you done in preparation for Semmy Schilt?
Kharitonov: I did some special things but it's a secret.
Pride: Behind the iron curtain...
Kharitonov: More of a wooden curtain.
Pride: We knew you were good on the ground when we saw you before. Now, the secret is out that you can punch as well. Are you going to try to take Semmy Schilt down right away or are you confident in punching with him?
Kharitonov: It will depend on how the fight unfolds and how Semmy fights.
Pride: Do you have a girlfriend?
Kharitonov: No.
Pride: No distractions, then.
Kharitonov: No problems.
Pride: Your face is very cold during the fights but you've been smiling during this interview. Do you ever get nervous before your fights?
Kharitonov: Of course, I get nervous before my fight but I'm used to it and determined to do my best.
Pride: Other than Russian music, what is your favorite music?
Kharitonov: Bright music.
Pride: Like rock?
Kharitonov: Eminem.
Pride: If both you and Emelianenko win in the 2nd round, what are your thoughts on fighting him in the Final round?
Kharitonov: I'm very focused on this fight with Semmy so I don't want to think about fighting Fedor right now.