Heath Herring

Pride Fighting Championships: Has anything changed since the last time you were here?
Heath Herring: No, not really.
Pride: Are you happy you are facing Nogueira in this round?
Herring: Yes. I think it's a good fight. I think it's going to be one of my best fights.
Pride: A lot of people still think your fight 2 years ago was one of the most exciting fights ever. Do you think you can make it like that again?
Herring: Not exactly. For my part, I'm going to try to go out there and get it over with as fast as I can but I think we both realize what we are up against. I feel good. I know what I have to do and he knows what he has to do.
Pride: What's the secret to this fight?
Herring: I don't think there's a secret. It think it will be just whoever goes out there and gets it.
Pride: Do you think this will go to decision again like the last one?
Herring: If it goes to a decision, it will just be because neither of us can finish it but if it goes to the decision like last time, it will be with us hitting each other right up until the bell.
Pride: Did you feel the decision was fair in the first fight?
Herring: Of course, I can't argue with that decision at all. I learned a lot from that first fight.
Pride: What do you think is your advantage over Nogueira? He said that he wants to KO you. Is your striking better than his?
Herring: Of course. He said that before he fought Mirko too so let's not pay too much attention to that.
Pride: What do you think will prove to be the biggest test for you?
Herring: Nogueira is Nogueira. He's a snake till the very end. If you don't kill him off, he's going to bite you. That's the long and short of it.
Pride: Are your buddies still in Iraq?
Herring: I haven't talked to anybody since I got back.
Pride: Sunday is Father's day. You have a daughter, right?
Herring: Yeah, she's 6. She's the most nonviolent person I've ever come across. No one believes that she's my daughter. She's more adult than me. She packs my bags for me.