Kazuhiro Nakamura

Pride Fighting Championships: Who will be in your corner?
Kazuhiro Nakamura: Chonan and Sakuraba.
Pride: What about Yoshida?
Nakamura: He's commentating in Athens for the Olympics.
Pride: How do you feel about your fight with Nogueira?
Nakamura: I missed my game plan. I focused on getting one big shot but I missed a lot of chances.
Pride: You felt that you should have taken advantage more?
Nakamura: I underestimated him a little bit.
Pride: How are your hands? Every time we see you, your striking is getting much better.
Nakamura: I think I only hit Nogueira well one time but I'm confident in my boxing.
Pride: Who do you train in boxing with?
Nakamura: I have some ranked boxing friends that I train with. I go to the boxing gym and they come to my dojo, too.
Pride: Sakuraba will retire soon and Yoshida's there, but he's hurt. Do you feel that you can become a big star in Japan?
Nakamura: I didn't feel that way the last time. There was more of a reaction the time before. I felt like I have a lot more work to do.
Pride: What do you think of Bustamante?
Nakamura: He seems like a really good person. He's ground work is very orthodox and he's got a good straight punch.
Pride: He's a good striker and has a good jiu-jitsu ground game. Where do you feel that you can be better than him at?
Nakamura: He's got more experience than me but I'm younger.
Pride: What are your goals for the rest of the year?
Nakamura: I'm not thinking about anything except using all my strengths in this fight.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Nakamura: Walking around and eating.
Pride: What do you think about Ogawa versus Emelianenko?
Nakamura: As a Japanese, I want to cheer for Ogawa but Fedor is a better fighter.
Pride: And Nogueira versus Kharitonov?
Nakamura: I think Nogueira will win.
Pride: And in the Finals?
Nakamura: Fedor.