Sergei Kharitonov

Pride Fighting Championships: The only time you've lost was when you were 18 in Sweden?
Sergei Kharitonov: No. That was a joke!
Pride: Oh, so you've never lost?
Kharitonov: No. No.
Pride: Has anything new happened to you since last month?
Kharitonov: I'm going to get married.
Pride: Really?
Kharitonov: Yeah, to a Japanese girl (laughing).
Pride: After you become Champion?
Kharitonov: Yeah, right (laughing).
Pride: What is your strategy for beating Nogueira?
Kharitonov: I've thought up several game plans but I don't know which one I will use until Sunday.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Kharitonov: I play chess. I also play accordion.
Pride: You used a different mount in your fight against Semmy Schilt. Is that the "Russian Mount"?
Kharitonov: It wasn't intentional. I just felt that Semmy didn't have much power in his shoulder and my legs are very strong, so I thought it would be good to do.
Pride: Is it called the "Russian Mount"?
Kharitonov: No, it's just something I came up with at home. I call it "cooking at home".
Pride: So, you have practiced it in training.
Kharitonov: Yes.
Pride: Are you at all surprised at how quickly you've become successful in PRIDE?
Kharitonov: I'm really happy of my success. I think the reason for the success is my training.