Fedor Emelianenko

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your current weight?
Fedor Emelianenko: 106 kg.
Pride: What is a normal day of training for you?
Emelianenko: Running, then boxing and wrestling. After that, we do weight lifting.
Pride: What do you think of Ogawa, as a fellow judo player?
Emelianenko: I think he's a great athlete. I respect him and I'm glad I can fight him. I've prepared to fight him.
Pride: Who do you think has been your toughest opponent in PRIDE so far?
Emelianenko: Looking at my past matches, some were difficult but I fully prepare myself before the fight so I can't pick which was the toughest.
Pride: If you could choose between Kharitonov and Nogueira in the final, who would you choose?
Emelianenko: Nogueira is a former-Champion and I've trained with Kharitonov so I know they are both very strong. I can't choose who I will fight. I will know who I will fight next if I win against Ogawa.