Wanderlei Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 28, right?
Wanderlei Silva: Yes.
Pride Fighting Championships: You're 28, right?
W anderlei
Silva: Yes.
Pride: Who will be in your corner?
Silva: Fujimar, Raphael and Christiano.
Pride: How many kids do you have? I know that you have a son, Thor.
Silva: 2. One daughter and one son.
Pride: When was your daughter born?
Silva: She's 8 years old.
Pride: What's her name?
Silva: Rafaela.
Pride: How old is Thor now?
Silva: 1 year old.
Pride: Is she going to be a fighter?
Silva: No, a doctor!
Pride: What do you think of fighting Yuki Kondo? A lot of people think he will be the toughest Japanese fighter you've ever faced?
Silva: I know that he is one of the toughest fighters in Japan and that makes me train harder. I think we will have a good fight.
Pride: What do you think you will have to look out for against Kondo?
Silva: I don't know much about his techniques so I'm not worried about that. I think I will knock him out with my punches, anyway.
Pride: Anything new happen since the last time we saw you?
Silva: No, not really.
Pride: Are you opening a new gym in California?
Fujimar: Yes, it's almost finished.
Pride: If you bet Kondo, you'll fight Quinton in October and there's already talk of the New Year's Eve show. What do you hope to do for the rest of the year, in terms of fighting?
Silva: I hope to be in both of those fights. I want to do a lot of damage here so I can fight in both of those events.
Pride: At this stage, you've never lost in PRIDE and considered one of the best fighters in the world. Do you feel pressure with each fight, like people are waiting for you to lose? Or do you take each fight, one-by-one?
Silva: I don't care about that. I think the most important thing is just to prepare to win each fight.