Yuki Kondo

Pride Fighting Championships: You're still with Pancrase-ism?
Yuki Kondo: Yes.
Pride: And still Light-Heavyweight Pancrase Champion?
Kondo: Yes.
Pride: How do you feel going into the fight with Wanderlei?
Kondo: I'm really looking forward to the fight.
Pride: How do you deal with the fact that a lot of people think you may be the Japanese fighter that can beat Silva?
Kondo: I don't want to let those people down.
Pride: When was your last fight? Against Mario?
Kondo: I had one in June, against Shannon Rich.
Pride: What is your strategy for Wanderlei?
Kondo: I want to have a striking match with him.
Pride: So you want to keep it standing?
Kondo: Yes.
Pride: That will be exciting. What do you feel that you are better than Wanderlei at?
Kondo: Being calm.
Pride: Everyone is calmer than Wanderlei. As a fighter, what gives you your confidence?
Kondo: My mentality.
Pride: What are you going to do in the stare down?
Kondo: I'll probably just ignore him.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Kondo: Surfing.
Pride: Do they have good waves here?
Kondo: The waves in Japan aren't very good compared to overseas but I'm not very good either.
Pride: Do you have a girlfriend?
Kondo: Yes... maybe (laughing).
Pride: How has the media evaluated you since this fight was announced?
Kondo: Some places think Wanderlei will win and some think that I will win. There are many different sources for information.
Pride: Do you worry about that at all?
Kondo: I don't care about the media. I just focus on what I have to do.
Pride: You looked very good when you beat Mario Sperry. Was that a preview of what we can expect against Silva?
Kondo: I will do much better than I did against Sperry.