Mal Foki

Pride Fighting Championships: The fight ended very quickly.
Mal: I feel good now. Sentoryu got a clean shot and that ended the fight. It was an unlucky ending for me. I was in great condition before the fight and now, too. I feel good. I can't make any excuses. Sentoryu won.
Pride: What do you think of Sentoryu.
Mal: He's like a giant bear (laughing). That's a joke but he's a really nice guy. I think he lost a lot of weight since his fight with Silva before.
Pride: Did Sentoryu's sumo fighting style make him different than fighters you've fought before?
Mal: Sentoryu was really strong but during the fight, I didn't think his punches were that strong. I was fighting with confidence. I just got hit straight on with a good punch and it finished the fight. That's all.