Henry Miller

Pride Fighting Championships: You were really excited when the fight finished.How did it feel?
Henry Miller ('Sentoryu'): I was so happy that I couldn't talk. I was really happy because I was upset over the loss in my first match (v. Giant Silva) so I lost a lot of weight and the hard training I did showed in the ring. I wanted to get a win and when I got it, I was so happy that I couldn't talk.
Pride: You said before the fight that you had been training on the ground. What about your standup?
Sentoryu: I was a striking-type of sumo player. I used the tsuppari and harite techniques for 15 years in sumo. I hadn't trained enough in ground fighting in my 1st match but I was confident in my striking. I trained at a jiu-jitsu dojo so I wouldn't be taken down. I want to become a fighter that can fight on the ground and with striking.
Pride: Have you been practicing your punches?
Sentoryu: I practice at Takada Dojo and have been sparring at a boxing gym.