Ikuhisa Minowa

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel now that the fight is over?
Minowa: Normal, not good or bad.My timing to get fired up was a little off.
Pride: What did you think about the fight?
Minowa: I want to do my best so I can continue for a long time without injury.
Pride: What do you think of Ueyama?
Minowa: I really felt that he doesn't give up. I didn't feel that I was getting beaten but I knew it was a problem of what I'm going to do. I think I need to work on myself more.
Pride: You were repeatedly broken up when you tried to attack him in the neutral corner. Did the fight take a different direction than what you planned?
Minowa: Yeah. I couldn't get into the position that I like and those rules were a problem for me. I think the ring is a battlefield. Whether it's the corner or the rope, I think you fight using everything to it's fullest, as long as it's within the ring. I suppose it's easy for the fans to see when it's in the center, though. Before I just kept pushing and pushing so it wasn't a problem but it didn't work out this time. I think I got lost mid-way.