Crosley Gracie

Pride Fighting Championships: Tell us what you think of the fight.
Gracie: I feel great because I could win.
Pride: What did you think about the fight?
Gracie: I want to do my best so I can continue for a long time without injury.
Pride: Did the fight go as you planned?
Gracie: Yes. It went just like I thought it would. My first goal was to win and I did that. Then, I wanted to win with the submissions that I train in and that went exactly as planned.
Pride: What do you think of your opponent?
Gracie: I knew that Sakurai was strong. He's a famous fighter in the fighting world so I expected it to be a tough fight but I also trained as hard as I could.
Pride: You took several knees during the fight. Did you get any damage?
Gracie: I did get hit several times but my conditioning was really good so I recovered quickly.
Pride: What's your next goal?
Gracie: I don't know if I can fight in the next Middleweight Grand Prix but I'd like to.