Charles Bennett

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think about the fight?
Bennett: After what happened, I don't know how to feel.
Pride: What did you think about the fight?
Bennett: I want to do my best so I can continue for a long time without injury.
Pride: Do you think your loss was a mistake?
Bennett: It was a big mistake because I didn't tap. Even I knew that Gomi was in a tough spot then.
Pride: What do you mean "tough spot"?
Bennett: Before the fight, Gomi said he was going to strike with me and that he'd win. I came right out and stood with him. I took his punches and punched him but in the end, Gomi couldn't win with striking and went to the ground. His ground-work was funny to me, too. Gomi usually takes his opponent down and wins by ground-and-pound. He wasn't able to do what he normally does and that's why he went for a submission. The submission wasn't really in though, and that's why it ended the way it did.
Pride: So, you're unhappy that the fight was stopped?
Bennett: I'm disappointed. Of course, I said before the fight that there was no need for me to train but what was just trash-talking. I woke up every morning at 8, went running and trained 3 times a day. I trained really hard for this fight. The shoulder lock wasn't working and I didn't feel any pain. I've never been injured before and my conditioning was great so there was no need to stop it.
Pride: Are you going to fight in Japan again?
Bennett: I love Japan. Everyone's nice and the women are gorgeous. I want to come back.