Takanori Gomi

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel now?
Gomi: Ashamed.I don't understand.I wanted to strike with him and that's what I trained for.I thought that's what the fans want but I put winning ahead.
Pride: What did you think about the fight?
Gomi: I want to do my best so I can continue for a long time without injury.
Pride: You wanted to finish with a knockout?
Gomi: Yes. That would get everyone excited the most...and he laughed at me when I got the mount position.
Pride: Bennett laughed at you?
Gomi: Yes. He's a wild fighter. There's no planning for him.
Pride: Did that make it hard to fight him?
Gomi: Well, they say that getting angry plays into your opponent's game. I probably got angry without realizing it.
Pride: Next will be the New Year's Eve show?
Gomi: There's not much time between the matches so I think I will be able to fight in good condition. When there's a lot of time between my fights, it's all I can do to keep my body in shape. I plan on going after the next fight soon.
Pride: Buscape's a possible opponent.
Gomi: He's in the top of the welterweight class so I'd like to fight him. I want to get back the speed, spirit and power that I had when I was 23 and fight him.
Pride: Bennett said that he didn't tap.
Gomi: Hmmm, well, the ref stopped it. The ref stopped it and so the bell rung but he wouldn't give up. In that's sense, he's a street fighter or maybe just doesn't have common sense. There are Japanese fighters that tap when their arms are stretched out and there are guys like Chonan that won't give up. It's a matter of whether you'll go to extremes or not. It's the same with arm-bars and chokes. You can't Buscape with those. I wanted to get everyone excited over BUSHIDO. Yesterday, K-1 was really exciting so I didn't want to lose. All of the fighters had wonderful fights. I think that continuing to win means that you continue to survive (in the fight business) and that's how I fought.
Pride: Do you feel good now that you've finished the main card on today's BUSHIDO?
Gomi: I barely survived. If you lose, you disappear. Winning is important.
Pride: What's your next goal?
Gomi: I want to fight on New Year's Eve show and show everyone what the PRIDE Lightweight division is about.