Ryo Chonan

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Chonan: I thought it was a good fight.There were some dangerous times but I was able to show my good points and Newton came after me so we were able to fight a good fight.
Pride: What did you think about the fight?
Chonan: I want to do my best so I can continue for a long time without injury.
Pride: It looked like that arm-bar was completely locked in. What happened?
Chonan: It didn't really hurt. There wasn't any popping and my body's tight. It doesn't hurt now either. Everybody's saying that it's going to hurt tomorrow though, but at the moment, it's completely fine.
Pride: Did you panic when he got the arm-bar?
Chonan: I didn't panic but I knew I had to escape. It didn't hurt so I think I escaped well.
Pride: Did it feel like you could escape?
Chonan: I didn't really feel I was in danger. When I got into the ring, I wasn't planning on tapping. If I was going to tap, I'd rather have him break it.
Pride: What do you think about Newton?
Chonan: I was 100% better in striking and he was better on the ground. That's it.
Pride: What percent of your plan were you able to use?
Chonan: About 30%. I was looking for a big shot while striking but he had a little advantage on me in the beginning so I didn't have the luxury of trying wild techniques. I'll save them for next time. I was able to use what I always work on, though.
Pride: What's your next goal?
Chonan: I was only a little stronger than Newton so I'm sure there are still a lot of strong fighters in the world for me to fight and some that I can't beat. I'll study what happened in today's fight and train so I can compete with even stronger fighters.