Henry Miller


Silva speaks about his KO victory in BUSHIDO 5. "I want to fight Silva again. I know I would win this time"

J ust a night after sending Mal "The Twin Tiger" to the mat with a single right hook in PRIDE BUSHIDO 5 (Nov. 15) and his post-match declaration that "Sumo is strong", Sentoryu held a press conference in an Osaka hotel.Sentoryu was unable to hide his happiness over obtaining his first victory in his second PRIDE match.


Although Henry Miller (aka 'Sentoryu') hadn't planned a press conference, one was held due to the numerous requests from newspapers following the match. There was a lot of attention given to his first win, probably because despite the recent trend of sumo players turning to martial arts, few of them have been able to win.

T here were many hot topics for this BUSHIDO.Gomi, the ace, gained his 4th consecutive win, "Mach" Sakurai tapped in a MMA match for the first time in his life and Chonan's unexpected performance against Newton.However, the former sumo player was the talk of the day.Sentoryu said he was fighting with the weight of the sumo world on his shoulders, "Sumo is strong.That's what I wanted to show everyone."His striking, normally done with open hands in sumo, gave weight to his words.
S entoryu was all smiles when he appeared at the press conference."I was tired so I took it easy," he recalled of last night."I drank a little with my corner men and the people that supported me.We had a small victory party."Sentoryu was both happy and grateful for the support he has received, saying that former sumo Yokozuna, Musashimaru, gave him a congratulatory phone call and his second, Kazushi Sakuraba, "told me 'congratulations' and that there wasn't any need to give me advice during the fight.The match ended very quickly so I just asked him to continue to support me."
T here was also discussion of whether Sentoryu would fight in the PRIDE New Year's Eve event."Sentoryu is one candidate," DSE President Nobuyuki Sakakibara explained."I think we should have matches between different styles."
" I've always said that anyone is fine.I'd like to fight a famous PRIDE fighter, a big fighter, but I'm not going to ask for anyone in particular.Anyone is fine, as long as they are top level", said Sentoryu claiming that he doesn't care who he fights.However, using words like "famous PRIDE fighter" and "top level" may be an indication that last night's factory gave him some confidence.

T he question was asked whether he would mind fighting an opponent with a gi.Whoever asked that question was probably envisioning a Royce Gracie-type fighter.Sentoryu, who is also studying Brazilian jiujutsu in Japan, replied, "I train with a gi.I'm prepared for that."
S entoryu didn't seem to have much interest when told that some pro-wrestlers have also been mentioned as candidates. "I don't know many pro-wrestlers.I know Ogawa.I don't care if my opponent is a pro-wrestler or not."Sentoryu became excited when asked about a rematch against Giant Silva. "Of course, I want revenge.That's my first choice! (laughing)Even when I was in sumo, if I lost to someone, I always came back to beat them.I would definitely beat Silva now.We can start from that position if he wants.I know how to get out of arm-locks now.I won't lose."


Sentoryu, fighting at 10kg (22lb) less than his debut match, plans to continue his weight loss training."If I'm going to be in the New Year's Eve show, I'll be better prepared to fight on the ground.I'd like to lose another 10kg."

" The style that I want to achieve is like Fedor's.I think if I can add Fedor's style to my backbone of sumo, wrestling and football, I will become very strong."Sentoryu continued about his dream fight, "I'd like to fight Fedor himself, eventually."
" I'm proud of sumo", Sentoryu explained."Of course, I have take pride in all the sports I have done but sumo I did the longest and have the strongest feelings for.I want to protect the pride I have for sumo.I want everyone with a sumo backbone to do their best to protect its honor."