Makoto Takimoto

Pride Fighting Championships: You are 30?
Makoto Takimoto: Yes.
Pride Fighting Championships: You are 30?
I kuhisa
Takimoto: Yes.
Pride: What is your height and weight?
Takimoto: 174 cm and 85 or 86 kg.
Pride: Do you represent a gym?
Takimoto: Yoshida Dojo.
Pride: Who will be in your corner in the fight?
Takimoto: Kosai, Yoshida and Watanabe.
Pride: You won the Olympic gold medal in the 81 kg division in judo in the 2000 Olympics against a South Korean fighter, right?
Takimoto: Yes.
Pride: Will you wear a judo gi?
Takimoto: Yes.
Pride: How have you trained for this fight?
Takimoto: I trained in everything. I did a lot of things. Judo and kickboxing.
Pride: When did you decide you wanted to do MMA? Did you start training a long time ago or did you just make up your mind?
Takimoto: I just suddenly decided.
Pride: Any advice from Yoshida?
Takimoto: Not in particular.
Pride: Who is your boxing coach?
Takimoto: Riki Onodera.
Pride: There he is again. He's good. He gets a lot of work! (laughing) What do you know about your opponent, a much bigger person?
Takimoto: I've seen his last 2 fights.
Pride: How do you feel about facing someone so much bigger? I know in judo you've fought bigger people before.
Takimoto: Body size isn't important for me.
Pride: Will you stick to your judo skills in your first time in PRIDE?
Takimoto: I will use a lot of things, not just limiting myself to judo.
Pride: What is your New Year's resolution?
Takimoto: I'm not thinking about anything until my fight is finished.
Pride: What does it mean for you to fight in PRIDE, compared to other organizations? What did you know about PRIDE before you decided to fight in MMA?
Takimoto: All of the strongest people are here. K-1 and other organizations are also doing fights under MMA rules but I think PRIDE is more attractive.
Pride: Is there any specific goal that you would like to accomplish in MMA? Are you here to prove that judo gold medallists can succeed? Do you want to make this a long-term career?
Takimoto: I hope to fight for a long time and win for a long time.