Henry Miller

Pride Fighting Championships: You've lost 16 lb since the last time we saw you.
Henry Miller: Yeah. 264 lbs now.
Pride: What did you weigh for your first fight?
Miller: About 290, I believe.
Pride: How's the wife digging it?
Miller: She married me as a sumo weighing 145 kg and now I'm dropping it. She saw my old pictures and wants me to get back like that, looking real handsome, without all the fat. (laughing)
Pride: Good for you. That takes a lot of commitment.
Miller: Yeah, I want to drop about another 5 kg, to around 115 kg. I think that would be all right for me.
Pride: Still fighting out of Takada Dojo?
Miller: Actually, I just train there. Our team is TFD. Team Fighting Dragon. My sumo name is Sentoryu and that means Fighting Dragon. TFD sounded pretty good.
Pride: You must have felt good knocking out Mal. It lasted about as long as a sumo match.
Miller: It was like a sumo fight.
Pride: Were you surprised at how quick it was? 21 seconds isn't much.
Miller: Yeah. I only took one breath.
Pride: You were disappointed after your debut but you've shown that you are committed to the cause by getting into shape. What are your plans for the judo gold medallist that's making his debut.
Miller: Same thing. I'll try to knock him out in 10 seconds. (laughing) He's smaller and I'm pretty sure he's going to be running around, trying to wear me out before he even gets close to me.
Pride: What have you seen improve with your weight loss?
Miller: From my first fight until now, I've lost 18 kg. I see a big improvement in my stamina and my speed. It's not perfect like other guys like Kevin Randleman and guys that have been here for a long time. I'm working to have that much speed and stamina but for this fight, I've built up so much stamina that I feel really healthy. I can go 10 minutes but I always say that I don't want to go 10 minutes. Everybody asks me if I'm ready to fight for 10 minutes and I say I've never wanted to fight for 10 minutes. I'm trying to knock him out as fast as I can. If I do have to go 10 minutes, I'm prepared.
Pride: How have you prepared for that? What's your training regiment?
Miller: We did a lot of circuit training. In a ring, my trainer had me going 1 minute on the ground, then run to the sand bag for 1 minute, and doing different things for 10 minutes without stopping. He had me on the step machine so I could build up my legs and stamina for 10 minutes. That type of thing. I go to Takada Dojo and a jujutsu dojo. In jujutsu, they actually teach me the moves. In Takada Dojo, we do ground work but I had never in my life gotten anyone in an arm lock so I didn't know the feeling. In jujutsu, they'll teach me to do this arm lock so I'll knock what to do. If he's throws his leg over here, I'll know he's coming for an arm lock.
Pride: You work on specific submission techniques until you are comfortable with them?
Miller: Basically, they teach me defense. They want me to feel what it's like to do it myself. Then I'll know and it's in my head. Now I know how to escape. We practiced escaping from the kimura. I didn't know it was that easy to get out of! (laughing) They showed me that and I could have just rolled out of it or spun around his head.
Pride: Yeah, but if you don't know, you don't know. You also said that you are not like Randleman and those guys but they never had to lose 45 lbs.
Miller: That's how much I want to be a part of this.
Pride: You're taking on a smaller fighter, making his debut. Do you know anything about him?
Miller: I know he's a judo guy. I watched Yoshida's videos. The latest one I watched was him against Mark Hunt. That's almost like me. Yoshida's always shooting for the legs and that guy's working out at Yoshida's dojo. We're thinking that it's going to be the same thing as the Mark Hunt fight because Yoshida has fought someone like me.
Pride: Are you comfortable with your takedown defense?
Miller: Yes. In sumo, I'm built not to be taken down because if you are taken down, you lose. I have that background and wrestling. When I do the sprawl, they were surprised at how fast I could sprawl and get back up at Takada Dojo.