Choi Mu Bae

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 34?
Choi Mu Bae: Yes, my Korean age. You're considered 1-year-old when you are born.
Pride: What is your weight for this fight?
Choi: 113 kg.
Pride: Has anything special happened since the last time we saw you?
Choi: No, just training as usual.
Pride: Was the disco pose something that you planned on doing?
Choi: I made the pose when I fought with Yamamoto in BUSHIDO 3. After that, everyone around me said I shouldn't do that pose but I continued to do it. Now, it's stranger if I don't. Many people say it's John Travolta but I actually got it from a Japanese cartoon called Kinniku-man (Muscle Man).
Pride: Giant Silva will be the biggest guy you've faced in MMA. Do you think you can suplex Silva?
Choi: I'll see how much wrestling skill he has after we clinch. If I think it's possible, I'll do a suplex.
Pride: What is your overall plan against someone that big?
Choi: Giant Silva has long reach so I may take some punches. Before he can do that, I will clinch and take down him, then go for a choke or ground-and-pound.
Pride: What are your goals for 2005 in PRIDE?
Choi: I want to take advantage of this opportunity and fight will stronger fighters next year. To be able to do that, I need to train harder and improve my conditioning.