Anderson Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: How much will you weigh for this fight?
Anderson Silva: 83 kg.
Pride: Your overall MMA record is 12-2, correct?
Silva: Yes.
Pride: Last year, you beat Lee Murray and Jeremy Horn. Were those your last 2 fights?
Silva: Yes, that's right.
Pride: Were those your only fights?
Silva: No, I fought 3 times. I fought in Conquista Fight in Brazil in March.
Pride: Was your opponent Brazilian, too?
Silva: Yes.
Pride: How do you feel being back in PRIDE?
Silva: I'm happy but I think you'll see how I feel when I get in the ring.
Pride: You were with Chute Boxe but now you are with Muay Thai Dream Team. What changes are we going to see in you now that you represent another team?
Silva: I've kept repeating mistakes but I think that I've improved now that I've changed team. I'm more of a complete fighter now.
Pride: Have you seen Chonan fight?
Silva: I watched his tape against Carlos Newton but a fight is a fight. I will fight as seriously as I always do.
Pride: What's your New Year's resolution?
Silva: I want to be PRIDE Lightweight Champion and train hard. I also want to make lots of friends and be modest.