Wanderlei Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: So, how's the snow in Brazil?
Wanderlei Silva: No snow in Brazil! (laughing)
Pride: How many kilograms for this fight?
Silva: 96kg.
Pride: Really, I don't know what to ask you. (Note: At this time, Silva's new opponent had not been decided) For you, how is this fight for you now that Sakuraba can't fight? How did you feel when Sakuraba asked you to fight a 4th time?
Silva: It was a very good chance to fight Sakuraba, even for the 4th time. We also do a very good fight and he's good for the audience.
Pride: As a fighter, and a Champion, what is your reactions to Sakuraba having to pull out a week before the fight?
Silva: I'm not disappointed because I can fight with another good fighter.
Pride: Like everyone, you don't know who you are going to fight on New Year's Eve.
Silva: I think it will be decided today or tomorrow.
Pride: You are ready to take on who ever they put in front of you?
Silva: Yes. It's my work.
Pride: I saw that you dressed up as Santa Claus and gave gifts to poor children in Curitiba, Brazil. Fans only get to see the wild Silva in the ring, not your kinder side, outside of the ring. Do you do a lot of charity work in Brazil?
Silva: To tell the truth, I've started to do these things because I have money now. The children are very happy.
Pride: What was it like playing Santa Claus for the kids?
Silva: This is an old dream of mine. I never received gifts from Santa Claus so it distributing gifts to children was my dream. I hope I can do this many, many times. (Note: Silva's match with Mark Hunt was made known to the interviewers, and Silva, at this point)
Pride: A much bigger fighter but you've fought bigger opponents before. What's your reaction to having to fight a big striker like Mark Hunt?
Silva: I think it's very good for me. It's another challenge for me.
Pride: Is it true that you want to go to heavyweight?
Silva: I want to stay as a middleweight but I would like to fight some heavyweight fighters.
Pride: You obviously have more experience in MMA than Mark Hunt. I'm sure you will have to strategize with your team later but do you think you would like to strike with him or go to the ground with him?
Silva: I don't know how the fight will turn out. I will just have to wait until the fight but maybe I can knock him out.
Pride: Will you allow knees in the 4-point position?
Silva: Yes, sure. It's no problem.