Kevin Randleman

Pride Fighting Championships: Still 33?
Kevin Randleman: Hell no. I?? 28.
Pride: What are you weighing now?
Randleman: 242.
Pride: Really?
Randleman: No. You know I lie. 225. (laughing)
Pride: So, what's the game plan for New Year's Eve?
Randleman: Same. Go out there, don't let him put his foot on my head and put my hand on his face. 5 minutes, knock out. If not a knock out, the referee will finish it. It's not much. I'm the same person I was before. I want them all to think I'm the same person I was. No guard skill, no nothing.
Pride: In the eyes of many fans, knocking out Cro Cop was a career defining moment for you. Now, you're having a rematch. What is your mental attitude coming in to this fight? Obviously, Cro Cop will try to do something different.
Randleman: He can prepare for whatever he wants but I don't even know what the hell I'm going to do when I get in there. The only thing we are worried about is his kick. He's going to bring it out. Every time he throws a left kick, I'll throw a left punch. He throws a right, I throw a right. Nothing's changed. Same game plan but I'm going to get better at everything. I'm still going to be the same person. I'm going to go in there and try to take him down. If not, I'll knock him out on his feet.
Pride: That's your prediction? The fight will end in a knock out?
Randleman: I think the fight won't last longer than the first round. We're both in shape. I've lost to people in the past and I relished the opportunity to fight them again. The first time you get a little apprehensive. You just don't know what to expect. He didn't know what to expect. Now, he just wants to come out at me. Who's the pressure on? I've got no pressure. I slept 12 hours last night and I'm mad at myself. I'm relaxed. I've got my team with me.
Pride: What do you say to people that say you should go for the takedown this time? Are you comfortable with taking Mirko down to the ground and playing the game down there?
Randleman: Are you serious? That's what I do. The first time I fought Cro Cop it was less than 2 week's notice for me. I was just trying to do what I can do. If people want to say that it's a lucky punch, that's fine. You can stand in the street with me and I will knock you out. I'm trying to bring that viciousness to the ring. All we've done for 2 months is train. I've never trained for 2 months for a fight. I'm ready for Mr. Cro Cop. I don't mind telling people that. I train all that time and the intensity that I have comes from my mentality. I don't care about the Grand Prix. There's so many ways this can go. This isn't a Y in the road, it's a huge fork. My life right now, when I leave here, and I'm retiring soon because there's more in my life and I don't want to be hanging around when I'm thirty-whatever trying to get wins when the guys around me are younger and getting better.