Yuki Kondo

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your weight for this fight?
Yuki Kondo: I haven't weighed myself yet but probably around 89 kg.
Pride: Still Light-Heavyweight King of Pancrase?
Kondo: Yes.
Pride: Last time in PRIDE against Wanderlei Silva, you didn't do so well. What do you think you should have done better against Silva?
Kondo: I should have watched him more.
Pride: Did Silva surprise you? You know he's the Champion and one of the toughest fighters in the world. You were able to exchange with him in the beginning but it didn't look like you were hurting him.
Kondo: I didn't feel it when we were actually fighting. I don't remember anything after being hit but before that I didn't feel that he was especially strong.
Pride: Would you like to fight him again?
Kondo: Sure. I'm not afraid of him.
Pride: Did you choose Henderson or did PRIDE choose for you?
Kondo: I chose Henderson.
Pride: Why did you want to fight Dan Henderson?
Kondo: He's well regarded in the martial arts industry and I think it's a fight worth fighting.
Pride: Better fighters get your more motivated?
Kondo: Yes, exactly.
Pride: One year ago you knocked out Mario Sperry. Are you looking forward to a stand-up war with Henderson this time?
Kondo: In the beginning, we'll keep our distance so I think there will be striking but I'm not going to limit myself to striking.
Pride: Dan is a world-class wrestler with a mean right hand. Where do you think you might have an advantage over Dan?
Kondo: I can avoid his strikes. I'm confidence in my striking and my stamina, too.
Pride: You fight with something called "Fudo-shin", translated as "immoveable spirit." Can you explain that a little?
Kondo: It's my attitude in fighting, trying to stay cool while fighting. Don't care about anything except the fight.
Pride: What's your New Year's resolution?
Kondo: I want to fight in the Middleweight Grand Prix.