Mark Hunt

Pride Fighting Championships: When did this all come down?
Mark Hunt: They called me at 2 o'clock on Sunday morning. I was sleeping.
Pride: So, you're 30?
Hunt: Yes.
Pride: What's your weight for this fight?
Hunt: I think I'm about 125 or 126 kg.
Pride: And you're 1-1 in PRIDE now. So, you're here to show how much you want to become a Champion and that PRIDE is in your heart.
Hunt: Yeah, yeah. All that bullshit. I'm here to get paid! (laughing)
Pride: What team do you fight for?
Hunt: I represent myself.
Pride: What are your thoughts on fighting this fight so suddenly?
Hunt: I'm a prizefighter and I'm game to win.
Pride: He told us that he's go no problems fighting you, toe-to-toe if you want, but you've proven difficult to be knocked out.
Hunt: Anybody can get hit in the right spot and then it's game over. I like to trade. I'm still getting used to the ground and Wanderlei's a striker, too. If we can just stand in the middle and have a chess game, that'd be all right.
Pride: Were you training?
Hunt: I was injured. It's hard to train with a sprained ankle. I couldn't do any training but the bling-bling is calling. I just came to win the fight.
Pride: Is it imperative for you to end the fight as soon as possible because of that? We saw that you were tired against Bobish. You're a big man, let's face it.
Hunt: I've got a lot to gain from this fight, that's why I'm here.
Pride: What kind of fight do you expect Wanderlei to bring to you?
Hunt: I think he's going to bring intensity and just scrap. I'm down for that. That's what I do. I just like to scrap in the middle and that's about it. I think, depending on who gets the upper hand in striking will decide whether he starts shooting or not.
Pride: Are you comfortable with that? Were you working on takedown defense before your injury?
Hunt: Yes. We'll just have to see what happens.
Pride: Did you see him fight Mirko?
Hunt: Yeah, it went the distance, right?
Pride: Yes but it was under special rules. They were only allowed to stay on the ground for 30 seconds after a takedown.
Hunt: How come I don't get that kind of rule? (laughing) This is terrible. Is it too late to put that in my contract?
Pride: What's your New Year's resolution?
Hunt: Win the lottery.
Pride: In a sense, that may happen on Friday night.