Dan Henderson

Pride Fighting Championships: What weight will you fight at?
Dan Henderson: I just weighed in at 88.7 kg (196lb) after a big meal.
Pride: Who will be in your corner?
Henderson: Randy Couture, Ryan Parsons and either Heath Sims or Brian Foster.
Pride: Obviously an interesting match-up, taking on Yuki Kondo. You both like to strike and are both considered well rounded in your weight class. He took on Silva last time but didn't do very well. What are your thoughts on facing him?
Henderson: I don't think he has a real big strength. He is well rounded. He doesn't have a big weakness, either. I think it's going to be a good match-up. He's well rounded. I'm well rounded but I think I'm better at everything.
Pride: Did you see the fight with him against Silva? Were you surprised at how easy Silva was able to take it to him?
Henderson: It didn't seem that easy. He took some pretty good shots. He hit Wanderlei with a couple that didn't seem to faze Wanderlei. That makes me think he doesn't hit very hard because Wanderlei gets dazed fairly easily sometimes. He recovers fast but when he gets hit, he gets dinged a little bit. It didn't faze him at all, though. I don't know how hard he hits but it doesn't seem like he's a hard hitter. He punches straight. He's got a good right hook.
Pride: What's your game plan? Do you want to keep this standing or take it down?
Henderson: Liver shot! (laughing) I think I'm probably going to stand and bang with him a little bit. I think I'm better than him on the feet. I know I hit harder than he does. He hasn't shown to have any takedown defense. He scrambles really well once he gets taken down. He gets back up most of the time. I might take him down to side control and beat on him down there a little bit, maybe try to submit him. It'll probably be a well-rounded fight. He probably won't be taking me down at all, though. Most of the time I don't try to take guys down but I've been working on some things for this fight.
Pride: What's your New Year's Resolution?
Henderson: For fighting, I want at least 2 belts by the end of the year, even if I have to buy them. (laughing) I want to get a gym opened up within the next couple of months.
Pride: You obviously want, in the New Year, to get another shot against Wanderlei Silva. Are you going to try to send a message to the promoters with this fight with Kondo?
Henderson: Obviously, I've been pretty vocal this past year about wanting a title shot. I missed my chances at being in the tournament two years ago with knee surgery. Since then, I think I've earned a title shot. I've been patient, as far as not asking for a rematch for a while. I figured it would come eventually but I can't wait forever so I started to ask.
Pride: What is Kondo's biggest threat to you?
Henderson: It seems like he's in really good condition. I think he's not going to quit. He's not going to give up. I need to finish him and be decisive with it. Don't give him any chances. Be careful, obviously, because anything can happen in a fight.
Pride: You're looking to knock him out?
Henderson: Right. Well, I've been known to submit guys in practice but I'm a little better at the knockout thing.
Pride: Well, maybe you'll get that shot at Wanderlei next year.
Henderson: I wouldn't mind taking Sakuraba's place.
Pride: Two fights in a night?
Henderson: I would do it.