Takanori Gomi

Pride Fighting Championships: What will you weight for this fight?
Takanori Gomi: 73 kg.
Pride: You fight out of Team Gomi?
Gomi: No, Kiguchi Dojo.
Pride: Have you seen Jens Pulver fight lately?
Gomi: Yes, when he fought in the UFC.
Pride: Did you see his boxing matches?
Gomi: No, I haven't seen those. I saw his SHOOTO fights, though.
Pride: What do you think of him as an opponent?
Gomi: When he was in the UFC, he was always aiming for victory. Recently, he has changed to a boxing style.
Pride: This will be your first chance to show your skills in the big event. You've dominated the BUSHIDO series. Do you feel any added pressure to be in the New Year's Eve show or is this just another fight?
Gomi: There's no difference, really. Even if the opponent changes, it's still just one man and the ring is still the same size.
Pride: Do you feel more motivated because Jens Pulver beat B.J. Penn and you lost to B.J. Penn?
Gomi: I just want to beat top-level guys such as Pulver and Penn.
Pride: Do you want a rematch with B.J. Penn?
Gomi: He's too fat now.
Pride: Do you want to stay standing with Pulver or go to the ground? Pulver is a good wrestler.
Gomi: This is a popular event in Japan, and across the world. I haven't really thought about how I will win. I will let my body decide how to move once I get in the ring.
Pride: What do you think Pulver's biggest threat to you is?
Gomi: Punch. Definitely. His left straight.
Pride: Where would you rank Jens Pulver in your career? Would you say this is your toughest opponent ever?
Gomi: Yes, he's the toughest.
Pride: What's your New Year's Resolution?
Gomi: I just want to win this fight so I can have a fun New Year's party on Jan